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Puppet Production day at Forkbeard Studios – Monday 5th March

on March 7, 2012

Hannah, from the puppetry team, reports on working at the Forkbeard Studios:

Surrounded by the past creations of the Forkbeard Fantasy team you can’t help but be inspired and in awe of all the things lining the studio’s walls: a very convincing old granny dozing in a chair, a life-size moving horse and a giant goddess-like statue are just a few things that make you feel like you’ve got a hard job reaching their standard! But with their help these ‘puppets’ (a word which really doesn’t do these giant costumes and props justice) are going to look incredible. Today was focused on making the three beasts/hounds of Dartmoor, and if it’s possible, try to imagine 5ft+ black dogs towering out from the wearers’ upper bodies. The skeletons look like works of art themselves, then muslin covers the body and fearsome heads with moving jaws complete these constructions. It’s detailed work, and a lot of experimentation is involved, with trial and error being a key component of the day’s work! But by the end of the day they’ve taken shape and it’s finally possible to imagine what these fantastic costumes are going to look like amid all the other colourful creations of the procession.


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